Contract or project, full-time or part-time

Whether you have a small or big project. Or, you need a full-time or part-time contract worker, we have a variety of flexible work arrangements that you can leverage. It all depends on the nature of your project. Contract workers are often are hired for a specific task or scope, and at times they can have multiple employers. Full-time workers on the other hand are usually employed for ongoing projects. But, there is a lot more to it and we have a lot of experience. Please get in touch with us for an obligation free consultation and let us share what we know about what type of contract is best for your project.

Remote VS In-house developers

You need in-house developers sitting in your office in Australia… or, you are open to developers working remotely.  Nowadays, hiring remote developers is a common practice all over the world. It also comes with very unique challenges that we know and embrace. Having a specialist on your side that helps you throughout the journey is what we are here to offer.

Specialised consultant

An experienced consultant will be working with you in the beginning and throughout the project.

  • They help you find the right resource from our pool of screened, qualified and evaluated developers
  • They get involved in the development process regularly
  • They step in when there is a problem
  • They monitor and observe and when they see room for improvement they raise it


Screening process

Our sophisticated screening process is designed to address the concerns that most employers have when it comes to hiring developers. We run candidates through several questionnaires, assessments and interviews. Our vetting process covers technical and non-technical aspects of each individual, how they work in a team as well as independently.

Monitoring, KPI's and Reporting

Our unique automated methods of monitoring have been advancing for years. We know the challenges of monitoring and reviewing the performance of your team, we do the hard work so you don’t have to, and yet you get an ever improving outcome from your team.


Flexibility is a key to our business model, our pricing is no exception. We cover fixed pricing models as well as flexible pricing models. For more information ask for our obligation free information pack.